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Glide Support App

As part of our continuing efforts to make sure our network is tip-top, we're proud announce a new app for mobiles and tablets. Glide Support is a diagnostic tool that you can download and run to help us when you're having problems with your devices.

Simply download the app for your device using the links below, or by going to


Get it on the App Store


Get it on Google Play


How it works

When you open the app, you'll first be presented with a screen asking you to move to the area where you're having the issue.

This is very important - even if your phone is working, we can use the information from the scan to investigate your other devices.


 Next, the app will run a series of checks and tests on the network, which can take about 2 minutes.

It's very important that you don't lock your device or navigate away from the app during this step. That's right - the memes can wait.



Once the scan is done, you'll be shown you unique scan key. You can give this to your Glide representative by phone, email, or using the form below, and we'll be able to see the results of the scan on our system.

The key will stay linked to your device, so you can run multiple scans for us and we won't need to take the code off you again.



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