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Apple HomePod - February 2018

In order to connect an Apple HomePod, you'll need to follow the same steps as any other device that isn't a PC or smartphone:

How to add devices to your account


However, Apple have made it impossible to find the MAC address on their new HomePod smart speaker, so a few extra steps are required in order to get it online.


There are two different ways different ways we've found you can obtain the Mac address from the HomePod:

1. Via your Home Router:

By far the easiest way to do this is to connect your HomePod to a home-style network and log into the router to see the Mac addresses on connected clients. With a bit of deduction you should be able to work out which of the addresses shown belongs to the HomePod.


2. Via a hotspot:

In order to do this you'll need another mobile device not including the device you wish you pair with the HomePod:

  1. Make sure HomePod is ready to be pair (If not, reset it)
  2. Connect your iOS device to a Wi-Fi hotspot broadcast from another phone or tablet
  3. Once your iPhone/iPad is connected, start the pairing process with the HomePod

Once the setup is complete, you'll need to go into the hotspot settings and look at the attached clients. There should be one called "HomePod", and the Mac address should be alongside it. Depending on your hotspot device, you may need to download a Portable Hotspot manager app to find this information.

Next, all you need to do is go to Manage my Devices in your account settings at add the Mac. If it returns an error, get in touch with us.

Finally, simply remove the HomePod from your Homekit App and reset the HomePod, connect to your normal Wi-Fi network, and re-pair your devices as you would normally.


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