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Personal networking equipment

You should not bring a Wireless router with you into your accommodation for a number of reasons. Wi-Fi routers or boosters can often cause more harm than good, as they can cause interference with other Glide users’ Wi-Fi access. There is also a risk that your network could be accessed by other people, and you will be held responsible for any subsequent malicious activity on your connection or to your devices.

Furthermore, the Ethernet port in your room is set up to be used exclusively by your browsing devices - computers, consoles and Smart TVs. Any router, managed switch or ethernet splitter will be detected by its behaviour as a rogue device on our network, and the port will be automatically closed to protect the network from the perceived threat.

Non-managed switches are compatible with our network, though we are not able to provide support to them in the event there is an issue.

If you're having trouble with the Wi-Fi signal, you can take a look at our troubleshooting articles or contact us. Otherwise, we recommend that you leave any personal networking kit at home.


If we've provided a router

Please note: If our service at your accommodation is provided by a traditional Router, the above does not apply. However, please be aware we will not able to support any third part equipment in the event of it not working, and if our service to your apartment or room is affected, we will likely ask you to remove the equipment in order to rule it out.


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