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TV Services Troubleshooting

Streaming Services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ etc.)

Check the service on Down Detector or Is It Down? There may be a larger issue at play.

Are you seeing an error code? Try searching it to see if there's any detail out there as to the cause, and how other people might have solved it.

Are any of your devices able to connect to the service? We might need to help you take a look at the device affected.

If you're tech-savvy, you can try running a Traceroute to the service affected - if you need it, we can help you with this.



If you lose signal or some channels, the first thing to try should be a full re-tune of your TV.

Check you are using the correct coaxial cable and the cable is securely connected at both ends.

Make sure your TV is connected to the wall port labelled "TV" in your accommodation.

If possible, test your TV in other outlets within the room or building (such as the bedroom) to see if you can to receive signal there.

If you have tried all of the above and are still having difficulty receiving channels, please Contact Us, and we can look into the issue.


Satellite/Sky Q

Check you have the correct Input selected on your TV.

Make sure your Satellite or Sky Q box is connected directly to the socket labelled "Sat 2".

Ensure the device is connected to the wall port with the correct cable.

Factory reset your TV and Set-top box.

If you have newly moved into your accommodation and have an existing Sky Q box, you may need to speak to Sky and update your address details before the Sky services will start working.

If you are still unable to receive Sky signals after completing the above steps, please Contact Us and we can look into the issue.

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