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Wi-Fi 6

2021 heralded the arrival of Wi-Fi 6 on the Glide network, with select sites having the necessary infrastructure installed to support the next generation of Wireless communication.



What is Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 is the next generation of Wi-Fi. It’ll still do the same basic thing — connect you to the internet — just with a bunch of additional technologies to make that happen more efficiently, speeding up connections in the process.

Wi-Fi 6 introduces some new technologies to help mitigate the issues that come with putting dozens of Wi-Fi devices on a single network. It lets routers communicate with more devices at once, lets routers send data to multiple devices in the same broadcast, and lets Wi-Fi devices schedule check-ins with the router. Together, those features should keep connections strong even as more and more devices start demanding data. Most importantly, Wi-Fi 6 has a much higher theoretical top speed than its predecessor, meaning more potential speed for each device.


Source: The Verge


How do I use it?

Wi-Fi 6 is only being built into the latest laptops and devices, so unfortunately anything older than 2020 is likely to only be able to use Wi-Fi 5 - which should still be absoutely perfect for your work and normal browsing use.


You may need to update your device to the latest Wi-Fi software, however, to be able to connect  to the Wi-Fi at sites where Wi-Fi 6 is broadcast. This is because it is a whole new technology, and hardware manufacturers need to make sure they are caught up.

You can do this by going to your laptop manufacturer's website and looking for updates - the common ones are linked below:






Apple - go through the App Store


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